Hi there! I’m Ashley Metler, the artist here at Paisley Photography. I started photography in 2010 when I enrolled in a film photography course my freshman year of high school, and have been at it ever since. In 2014, I married my high school sweetheart who is currently an Active Duty Marine. Together we have two precious babes, Paisley and James! My family is my world.
I started photographing weddings in 2018 and immediately fell in love with the industry! Each love story I get to document I find absolutely captivating. My favorite elements in any wedding is the floral design, the fashion, and each and every thoughtful detail. I love details! In January of 2019, I invested in my first medium-format film camera and have been shooting on both digital and film formats since then!
I can’t wait to connect with more industry creatives and professionals! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!

Paisley Photography

Oceanside, CA and willing to travel

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I started my photography business in 2018 and started photographing weddings shortly after. I am looking to expand my wedding experience as well as connect with other industry professionals!

Nikon, Pentax 645

Sigma Art 35mm + 50mm and Pentax 75mm 2.8


Romantic, airy, exquisite

Outgoing, compassionate, honest

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