Hi, I’m Camryn! I’m a dietitian by day, and photographer by night. I’m all about a side hustle, especially one that brings me as much joy as wedding photography! I have loved the beauty of wedding and engagement photography ever since I was a little girl. In fact, I have been to a family or friend's wedding every year of my life plus some... that's over 24 weddings! So, it only makes sense that I fell in love with love! 

I am looking for second shooting opportunities to help build my portfolio and network in the Denver Area (but am always willing to travel anywhere). I am here to serve you in whatever way I can from carrying bags, to fluffing dresses, to getting coffee… just let me know and I’ll be on it! A few fun facts about me are that I am OBSESSED with cookie dough ice cream and anything that sparkles! So, if you want to try a new ice cream place while we discuss photography, I’m your gal! I’m excited to help out fellow photographers in any way I can!

Camryn Schwab Photography

Denver, CO and willing to travel

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I started my business in September 2020 but have been photographing engagements and weddings for family and friends for 10 years.


85mm, F1.8

$20/ hour and flexible

Bright, warm, joyful

Outgoing, bubbly, adventurous

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