I'm currently based in Las Vegas but will be moving to the PNW (most likely Oregon) next summer after my husband graduates from his MFA program. I miss the moody weather terribly and can't wait to stand in the rain again. Alongside photography, I also currently work at the only themed wedding chapel in Las Vegas, so I am constantly helping couples get married by the grim reaper, Elvis, Beetlejuice, etc. It's the best. I love all things eco-friendly and natural. I actually make most of my own products and am a HUGE DIY nerd. I made every detail for my own wedding including designing the ring and dress and making and bounding the paper for our vow books. I adore using my creativity to help my brides have the best wedding that they can.

My ultimate dream one day is to own a sustainable wedding venue in Oregon that has little witchy huts on property for guests/bridal party to stay in. I've discovered I'm really passionate about helping others find themselves and love themselves and I hope to be able to do that on a much larger scale someday even though making my brides and grooms feel confident is still incredibly satisfying.

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Portland, OR and willing to travel

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I professionally launched my business in 2019 but have been photographing people since middle school. My launch in 2019 was to take it from being a hobby and to get into the micro wedding/elopement world.


It's a toss up between my 35 and 50!

To be honest, I'm pretty flexible because I still feel like I am learning. I'd say $50 an hour for now.

Editorial, moody, and a little sexy

Sarcastic, leader, and organized

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