I originally trained as a painter, but became captivated by photography in my second year of art school. For years I worked as a product photographer during the day while moonlighting as a fine artist, creating abstract photographs full of color and light. After eloping in the desert, I was inspired to use my skills to help other couples create and commemorate exhilarating and authentic wedding experiences.

When I'm not photographing, I am reading speculative fiction, hiking until my legs ache, drinking truly excessive amounts of tea, and eating all of the tasty snacks I can find.

Kate Waterman Rose Wedding + Elopement Photography

San Francisco, CA & willing to travel throughout CA & through the Western US

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I previously shot fine art and product photography before transitioning to photographing intimate weddings and elopements in 2019. I primarily shoot as a lead, but I enjoy every opportunity to work with and support other photographers as a 2nd shooter!


70-200mm f2.8

$35-50/hr, flexible

Richly toned, vibrant, and genuine

Thoughtful, reliable, and encouraging

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