Aloha! My name is Kristen and I have two sons and am married to my high school sweetheart. I love corny jokes, quoting movies, and singing along with every song I know, whether I want to or not. My favorite way to spend the evening is snuggled up on the couch with my boys, eating popcorn and watching movies. 

My passion for weddings stemmed from being left without a photographer for our wedding day 2 days beforehand. I swore I would never let that happen to anyone else, if I can help it. I threw myself into second shooting and learned everything I could about how to photograph a wedding day. I have also taken every Katelyn James course and continue my education monthly so that I can grow in my craft. Within the last 2 years, I have mastered OCF and LOVE using it when I can! 

My philosophy on second shooting is to make the lead shooter look as professional as possible and to make sure they are able to serve their couple to the best of their ability and exceed all expectations. :) 

Kristen Campbell Photography

Honolulu, HI & willing to travel interisland

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I started my business in 2008 and began photographing weddings after I was left wihtout a photographer 2 days before my own wedding. I started specializing in weddings and couples in 2015 and never looked back!


my favorite portrait lens is the 85 1.4L. 

On average, I charge $50/hour. On occasion, if it's a newer photographer, I'll shoot with them for free and help train and coach throughout the wedding day.

vibrant, joyful, genuine

goofy, relaxed, but I'm definitely a caretaker. 

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