Hi there! I am Vivian. I've been a picture-taking fanatic since high school, but I consider my true photography journey starting in the fall of 2018. The previous year, during the summer of 2017, I had purchased a Canon 80D to start vlogging while I was a teacher. I kind of didn't get into that as much as I planned (I have a whopping total of one teacher video up on YouTube, lol!), so my camera sat untouched for a while until I started looking into providing branding photos for my web design business the following year. It wasn't until the summer of 2018 that I officially started learning how to use manual settings. Many YouTube videos paired with Best Buy's free camera classes got me rolling in no time, and I photographed a friend's live show late that summer and another friend's wedding that October. Between then and April 2019, I attended two conferences (Click Away and Shutterfest), 2 workshops (KMP Grow and Candid Beautifully), and 2 styled shoots, and I photographed my first portrait client. By April 3, my business was officially launched, new shiny website and all. That was the month I also 2nd shot for a gorgeous wedding for the first time at Wild Carrot in St. Louis (4/20/19)! It was beautiful, and I fell in love instantly! That day, I stayed way past my time, because I learned about bouncing flash for the first time. I was stoked and couldn't stop taking dancing photos, lol! My current big journey is OCF. After seeing how motivating attending workshops, conferences, and styled shoots was, I try to attend at least a couple of these types of things a year. So far in 2020, I was able to attend the No. 2 Workshop for 2nd shooters and hope to be able to attend the Reset Conference in Lexington later this year (crosses fingers).

A little about me! I spent most of my life training to become a professional musician. I strayed from that route as I learned more about the world and began volunteering with non-profit organizations in college where I majored in psychology and music (ended up dropping the music the last year). After college, I was in AmeriCorps for two years and then was a teacher for 5 years with a passion for urban education. Long story short, I got burned out really badly and decided to focus on web design while working in education only some of the time (volunteering, part-time intervention, subbing). Photography was really just supposed to be a healing hobby for me to do on the side. But I loved it so much, and I honestly couldn't help building it into what it is today. I definitely spend more time trying to book photography clients than web design clients now, even though I do enjoy both. In any case, I have to thank my husband for helping me see the possibility and potential in everything I currently do! Our 1-year anniversary is coming up so soon (7/18 legal, 8/18 gathering), which is exciting for me! I have two pups, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a suspected Carolina mix. They are both so sweet! We live in D.C. now, but we are planning to relocate to either Orlando or Las Vegas in the not-so-distant future.

I'm so excited to be a part of this group and look forward to meeting many awesome, fantastic photographers through this society! Meeting friends and people who I find truly inspiring through photography has definitely been an undoubtedly rewarding side effect of going into this line of work! :)

Vivian Maxine Photography

Washington D.C., moving to Orlando or Las Vegas later in 2020 (up to 2 hours, depending on pay)

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I started my business in 2019; I have 2nd shot 6 weddings since April 2019 and have lead shot 5 weddings since October 2019 


50mm 1.4 (maybe 85mm in the future?)

$50/hour, flexible

Light, bright, colorful

Down-to-earth, genuine, helpful

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