I am a North Texas based wedding photographer but will go just about anywhere. I am a girl who likes to have a plan and feels that communication is super important in any relationship. I have two sweet puppies and in all honesty, probably follow more dogs on Instagram than people. :)   

I would love the opportunity to connect with fellow photographers and be a part of a Super Network of talented artists! 

Cindy Medick Photography, LLC

Mansfield, TX and willing to travel

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I started shooting weddings in 2012 and made the leap to go full time in 2016! We are a husband and wife team and focus mainly on weddings but we also shoot families, seniors and shoot headshots as well. On a typical wedding day, I change lenses quite a bit to get lots of variety for our couples. I shoot with a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and a 90 macro. I also have a super wide lens that I use mainly for receptions. My husband typically has a 70-200 as well as a 24-70mm. I have no problem adapting to what lens you prefer for me to use. We also use Sony on camera flashes as well as a whole godox system. I have taken many many many classes and have read and seen lots and lots of educational content. Although I would say that I am a seasoned photographer, I know that there is always more to learn!



$60/hour - As a second shooter | $120 - As an Associate

Light, Joyful, Variety

Attentive, Considerate, Planner

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