Hey there! My name is Hailey and I am a wedding and elopement photographer located deep in the heart of Texas! Just a few things about me: I have an obsession with The Office, I am a dog mom to my best friend Nacho, I love to try new foods, and I am always up for a party!

I originally started my business, Hailey Marie Photography, as a side gig, but after two short months, I found my passion. I had never thought about photographing people because I have been a landscape photographer for 7 years, but after that first session, I knew something big was in store for me. Fast forward just 6 short months, and I am completely booked, experienced so many amazing things, and am genuinely happy! The craft of photography can sometimes feel overwhelming, or discouraging, but one thing I have learned is this: be you. A simple statement, but powerful enough to make me want to grow and learn. I am so excited to be in the Second Shooter Society!

Hailey Marie Photography

Gunter, TX and willing to travel

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I started my business in June of 2020, but I have been in the photography industry for over 7 years! I am a young small business owner chasing my dream of becoming a destination wedding photographer! I have not photographed too many weddings, but I have second shot and assisted alongside professional wedding photographers of over 10 years!



$35/ hour and flexible

Light + Airy, Classic, Modern

Bubbly, Determined, Loving

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