I was born & raised in AZ, but I LOVE to travel. Seriously, if you love exploring from the tops of mountains to the small shops of downtowns we're gonna be best friends! 

I'm an old soul, enneagram type 2, Jesus lovin' kinda girl. Some of my favorite things include coffee (especially cold brew, SO GOOD!), sweaters, plants, all the animals, books, sandals (I would life barefoot if I could), the feeling of rain on my skin, driving with the windows down, long conversations with friends, exploring new places, and trying new foods. 

I like to keep subjects moving because I'm no poser (haha), but really. I'm NOT into stiff poses that look "perfect." I'm much more interested in capturing those real, raw, inbetween moments. I'm much more interested in seeing and celebrating people as they are.

Charlotte Rose Photography

Tucson, Arizona & willing to travel anywhere in AZ (maybe to bordering states)

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I started my business in 2017 and photographed my first wedding in 2018. I've photographed four of my own weddings and second shot for five more. 


50 mm 1.4

$50, flexible

Intimate, Authentic, Warm

Genuine, Kind, Aware

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