If you’re looking for me, you can typically find me snuggled up with my furbabies with a Sonic slushie and Target bags nearby. I'm always eating, so I'm sure I have some sort of snack in hand while I hustle hard for these big dreams of mine. I strive to create beautiful and meaningful images that tell a story like no other. To showcase the beauty of both the people in the images, but the world they live in as well. My career as a photographer started by taking pictures of my friends and landscapes with a little Nikon 35mm film camera that belonged to my grandfather. Shooting with that little guy turned into a college major and then to a dream I never thought I would go through with. I wanted to learn how to create beautiful things and tell real stories with my art. 

Being professionally trained as a Fine Art photographer taught me so many new ways to experience and capture the beauty of the world we live in. For years I spent majority of my time on Fine Art projects and crafting new ways to create a story with beautiful visuals. All this time in my studio led me to realize my love for telling the stories that already exist! The stories of those around me and of the world we live in. Photography is something that I love and adore - creating lasting relationships with my clients is where my heart will always lie. 

Kelsey Alex Photography

Huntsville, TX, available to travel up to 3 hours

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I started my business in 2018. I have shot a handful of weddings as a second shooter, 1 by myself and a couple styled shoots



$30-50/hour flexible

light, natural, vibrant

quirky, easy going, comfortable

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