I’m a nerd at heart. It used to be something I hid from others, but now I think it’s one of my biggest strengths. I believe that you should surround yourself with people that will get your nerdy references, laugh at your ridiculous puns, and love you even more because of them. 

Without a doubt, I’m known as the person who always has a plan. And making a plan for the plan. And a detailed spreadsheet. I believe that staying organized is the key to staying calm in the midst of chaos. Ok, well organization and Reese’s. Dessert should truly be consumed before your meal… and after, too. My sweet tooth stopped begging for mercy a long time ago!

Christy Hunter Photography

Sierra Vista, AZ (willing to travel within a 2-3 hour radius). I travel to Tucson frequently. 

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I started in 2017. Weddings since 2018. I've photographed a few of my own weddings completely solo and second shot 30+ weddings in Tennessee and Arizona.


My 85mm! Although my 135mm prime is really growing on me when I have the room!

 $40/hour, possibly flexible

Bright, vibrant, romantic

Optimistic, perfectionist, fun/personable

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