Hi! My name is Melissa. I am a lover of family dinners that go on for hours, naming my house plants, deep bass, and even deeper conversations. I am a Netflix comedy special addict and I enjoy fancy cafes, even if they are considered a bit hipster. I grew up on pop-rock music, rollerblading, and toaster strudels. The DMV is home base for me (that’s The District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia for anyone in the back) and I very proud to call the DMV home!  

My favorite part about being a wedding and portrait photographer is connecting with and serving my clients. I grew up in a home where every event and gathering was photographed and all of the images were printed and then organized into albums. I absolutely cherish these albums! The thought that the photos I take of my clients today will one day be seen and loved by their children and grandchildren warm my heart like nothing else. Photos are so important, and I feel blessed that I get to provide such value to others.

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Fairfax, VA and willing to travel

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I started photographing families and couples in 2019. Pre-2019 I worked as a product photographer and in a family photography studio for a few years. Once I photographed my first couple, I knew this was going to be my career path. In 2019, I an across my first ideal client. I photographed their engagement session in a beautiful historic field at sunrise, and the couple absolutely loved their images. They were so happy with their images, that the insisted that I photograph their wedding even though I wasn't offering weddings at the time. I clicked with this couple so well and they were confident in my technical abilities so I agreed to photograph their wedding. The wedding was a huge success, and since then I have been photographing intimate weddings on my own and second shooting for other photographers. 


85mm f1.2 because of its higher compression and dreamy quality it gives to portraits. 

$30-$45/ hour and flexible. I would absolutely consider working with another photographer that I really click with, or a photographer who will allow me to keep the copyright to my images and use the images on my portfolio. 

Timeless, intimate, and joyful

Compassionate, gregarious, and easygoing 

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