My name is Courtney Roach. I am engaged to an amazing man from Brazil. Getting married in February. I have 2 kids (1 boy and 1 girl) from my first marriage. I’ve been living in Florida since June 2019. I lived in Japan from May 2015 to May 2019. I am from Illinois. I started doing photography when my son was a baby back in 2014, but I didn’t open my business until 2018. I have taken photos since I can remember though. Photography has always been something I’ve been interested in. I am 99% finished with my professional photography certification from New York Institute of Photography. I have a bachelors in Television and Radio Production and a Masters in Promotion and Video Content. 

Vibrant Life Photography

Jacksonville, FL and willing to travel up to 3 hours

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I started my business in 2018, but I started taking pictures in 2014. I have shot 1 wedding. They are intimidating honestly and I’m hoping to face my fears and learn everything there is to know. 



$100/ hour and flexible

Modern, vibrant, simple

Bubbly, friendly, caring

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