Hey y’all! I’m Christian, a 22-year-old grad student hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Some quick fun facts about me: I once held a Guiness World Record for a few months, which was pretty cool. Somehow, I’m related to Lewis from Lewis & Clark. How? Beats me—you’d have to ask my Nana. Also, I’m double-jointed in my thumbs and ankles, and I stopped growing when I was 5’11 at the young age of 12, so I wear Doc Martens on the regular to make me seem taller. I just want to be six feet tall, but I’m past my growing days, so I don’t think it’s happening.

Anyway, fun facts aside, I’m happily married to the love of my life, Holly. I’ve only been shooting weddings for a short time, and I’m looking to gain some experience under some more seasoned vets of the wedding scene. If you ever need to find me, I’m probably in a coffee shop somewhere. I love reading books, playing music, and laughing a lot. If you’re a fan of any of those things (or none, I don’t discriminate) then let’s be friends!

Christian Mack Photography

Nashville, Tennessee, will travel up to 300 miles

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I have been shooting as a hobbyist for years, but I started my business in June of 2020. I've second shot once, primary shot once, and have another wedding coming up in September. 


Canon 50mm 1.4 or Canon L Series 24-70mm 2.8

$35, but I'm flexible!

Story-based, candid, sharp

Easy-going, goofy, spontaneous

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