Hi everyone! I am SE Virginia (Williamsburg, specifically)
I have been in business for 5 years. Until this year I specialized in Maternity, baby & family... weddings was a covert part of my business. Just this spring I launched weddings publicly. I have been second shooting for about 4 years and shooting as lead for about 3.I enjoys weddings the most... I kind of enjoy being the second shooter more than lead!

Here is a list of my gear:
•Nikon d750 (2)
•Sigma 85 1.4 art
•Sigma 35 1.4 art
•Tamron g2 70-200 (2)
•Nikon 50 1.8
•Goddox v860ii (3)

My next lens will likely be the 58mm... 

I am super comfortable with the groomsmen and have used OCF. I've never really met a stranger. As a momma of 6, I am good with a crowd, working with different personalities & herding cats. My work temperament is friendly and professional- I am calm and steady during the stressful times. I tend to bee-bop and sing along to the music at the reception! Little details make me ridiculously happy. My favorite shot at weddings is of the parents holding hands or looking at each other during the ceremony. (call me a sentimental fool) I am pretty good at adapting to different photographers needs so long as they are communicated to me :) I am fueled by happiness, I prefer it in very high doses!!  

Jessica Barrett Photography

Williamsburg, Va (will travel up to 2 hours)

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camera brand:

favorite lens:

hourly rate:

my style: 

my personality : 

I started in 2015.


85, hands down

$50/hour, minimum $250. Flexible: yes, depending on the number of hours, location & date/time of the wedding.

bright, cheerful, timeless

bubbly, determined, poised

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