"The course was amazing! Kelsie and Michelle are both very knowledgeable and incredible women to learn from. If you are new to shooting weddings then this course is exactly what you need to help you become successful!"

- Cassandra M.

reception Lighting & OCF Guide

This reception lighting guide contains over 20 pages of ALL our techniques to capture beautifully lit reception images! We cover basic flash settings, understanding light, when to bounce (and when to use off-camera flash), and most importantly, HOW to use off-camera flash. 

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Your reception worries... gone in a flash!

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"The lighting guide was SO helpful. Honestly the best, most succinct, but thorough guide that I have ever seen on reception lighting."

- Nicole P.

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I want my reception photos to look like this!

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Buying more than one? Download all four mini-guides and save $17 by purchasing the mini-guide bundle!

Save when you purchase all four mini-guides in a single bundle! Includes how-to guides for capturing: 
- Bridal details
- Getting ready images
- Flattering bride & groom portraits
- Reception details






"How to photograph" Mini Guides

A guide for capturing all the pretty like a pro. We explain everything there is to know about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Wave “goodbye” to Auto mode, and say “hello” to nailing your settings and gaining control of your images, every time!


Mastering manual mode

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