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Have you ever walked into a dark reception venue and your heart started to sink?
You pull your flash out of your camera bag, attach it to your camera, and pray that your photos turn out bright enough.

You fumble around with your flashes, hoping that they will sync together...
You look around the room with no clue where to set up your light stands....
You don't know what settings to use to achieve the style you love...

We all know the gut-wrenching feeling...

No one wants to leave a wedding feeling defeated after struggling through the reception.  It's even worse knowing that your lack of understanding caused you to miss important moments that can never be repeated.

You shouldn't have to feel this way.

Don’t spend years figuring it out when we are ready and excited to help you NOW.

When we were able to master our flash & create a repeatable system that allowed us to consistently deliver reception photos that matched our editing styles, we were able to book higher end weddings and charge more. 

We created the Reception Lighting & Off-Camera Flash Guide so you can leave every wedding feeling confident that you #nailedit.


The Reception Lighting & OCF Guide

For the wedding photographer who wants to be able to confidently light any reception space in a matter of minutes.

You'll learn about:

Our favorite lighting modifiers, how to use them, and how they impact the lighting in the final image.

The different colors of light, how to photograph using the Kelvin scale and how to preserve colored light (uplighting) using OCF.

Using off-camera flash to mimic your natural light style so that you can confidently photograph a wedding reception, no matter how dark it is.

Angles of light, as well as how/when to bounce flash. We include sample light set-ups to visually illustrate each part of the reception.





"The best, most succinct, but thorough guide that I have ever seen"

The lighting guide was SO helpful. Honestly the best, most succinct, but thorough guide that I have ever seen on reception lighting. Ever since I started photography I've looked for a simple guide like this to just give me the basic steps to flash for receptions. But many guides are too complicated or work on more dramatic lighting situations. I just wanted a guide to better photos that were well lit to serve my couples and their memories better. Seriously, thank you both for creating it! ~ Nicole P.

We're taking you all the way back to the basics to kick off the guide. After all, it's hard to learn about the intricacies of off-camera flash if you don't even know how to change the flash power! In this section we'll cover everything from manual/ETTL mode, linking multiple flashes, to different types of flash modifiers. You'll start to feel like a pro already!



In this section, we build your understanding of all the technical components of an OCF system. You'll learn about the basic colors of light, Kelvin, preserving light in your photos (i.e. venue uplighting), angles of light, bouncing light, and more. When you're done, you'll know exactly how to analyze a reception space and set up an off-camera setup confidently in a matter of minutes.


Off-camera lighting is difficult to master because you can only truly practice it when it matters most: at the actual reception. However, we want you to be as prepared as possible before you arrive on the wedding day so that you know exactly what to do when you walk into the room. We share our best strategies to prepare at home and walk into a wedding day with confidence!


Meet your educators

When we first started, lighting the wedding reception made us sweat... but now it's one of our favorite parts of a wedding day. We want to equip you with the skills to become the photographer that everyone can count on to do an incredible job. 

We're Kelsie & Michelle

Established wedding photographers & refined second shooters. 

We've been refining our wedding photography skills through second shooting for the last 5 years.

We've learned what it takes to become a reputable second shooter in our community and want to share all of our insider secrets with you.

We want to equip you with the skills to become the photographer that everyone can count on to do an incredible job. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the guide?
You'll receive access to the guide immediately as an immediate download from our shop. 

How long is the guide? 
The Reception Lighting and OCF guide is over 20 pages long packed with content, diagrams and lots of photo examples.

Who is this for?
Any photographer who is interested in weddings should have a solid understanding of light. This guide gives you that and so much more! It's perfect for helping you understand the lighting scenarios you may encounter on wedding days and how to light them properly. Regardless of if you're brand new to weddings or a few years in, if you're struggling with reception lighting this guide will be perfect for you!