I have been married for 10+ years to one magnificent man who has provided so much joy and contentment in my life. He is my number one fan and truest supporter. He makes this creative endeavor possible through his ongoing encouragement in my abilities and passion. Thank you, Peter, for everything - I am blessed. 

I have four children that stretch my capacity every. single. day. It is through the grace of God that I haven't damaged them beyond repair - yet! Seriously, my children were the catalyst behind learning my photography and filming voice. Every day, their antics and genuine love drive me to be a better person, wife, mom, and creative business owner.

Holly Rigos Media

Johnstown, NY and willing to travel

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I started shooting families in 2017 and weddings in 2018. I took a step back from weddings 2020-2021 and ready to jump back into it as a primary and secondardy shooter in 2022 to scale my business and help it grow. (I can also do films)


Sigma 24-70mm/50mm but saving for a 35mm and 85mm and one day a 70-200mm


Editing style - bold, vibrant, warm, and contrasty ; Personality - warm, outgoing, friendly, constantly smiling and able to provide prompts (people say I am fun to work with)

Outgoing, Kind, and Patient

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