Photography is my main passion, for a few simple reasons. I love happy people, people who are in love and celebrations. I also love light that dances through leaves on trees and brings warmth through windows. Photography has allowed me to bring these two loves together perfectly with shooting wedding days. The joy you feel when capturing these one in a lifetime moments, are incomparable. Along with photography I love music and played instruments all through school, and I also love pottery (hoping to get back into it very soon!). 

Outside of photography I work part time at a coffee shop, but I’m hoping to run my photography business and second shoot full time very soon! I recently moved to my favorite place on earth, Vermont. I love being in the mountains, catching sunsets, kayaking and drinking ciders by the river. I’m a laid back person, friendly, willing to go the extra mile to make someone’s life easier and all around just an easy to be around kind of person!

Corinne Ryan Photography

Waitsfield, VT and willing to travel

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I started my business in 2019, but it really took off in 2021. I interned for a popular wedding photographer in my hometown of NJ for a year while finishing my Fine Art degree. From there I shot with her and another photographer and quickly learned what working in the wedding world was like. I booked 1 wedding in 2020 which moved to 2021 and then booked another 7 weddings for this year. I'll also be second shooting 4 weddings in 2021 and will be confident that my experience will have gone through the roof by the end of the 2021 season! I'm recently moved to Vermont and hoping to expand my network and business throughout New England.


24-70mm because of it's versatility or 100mm macro 

$40/hour and flexible

Simple, Happy, Film-inspired

Bubbly, Casual, People-pleaser

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