Hi, my name is Katarina and I also go by Kat. I started photography back in 2019 when I was on the other side of the lens, modeling. Being on both sides of the lens gives me a better perspective as a photographer so you can relax in front of the camera. I love capturing those moments that look as if they are frozen in time. From graduating high school to getting married, from modeling to cosplaying, and from anything in between I love to be behind the camera capturing that moment. Being able to be behind the camera as apart of any moment in your life, when you are being inexplicably yourself, and capturing that is an honor.

Katarina Petrova Photography

York, PA and willing to travel

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I started my business shooting weddings in 2020. I have never second shot a wedding before, but would love to get more experience shooting weddings


85mm 1.4

$30-$40/ hour and flexible

Captivating, Enchanting, Authentic

Kind, Fun, Energetic

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