Hi, Lindsey here! Full time teacher, full time photographer, part time CrossFit coach. I’m super strong for being pint sized, so I can totally help lug all your equipment. I’m very laid back and easy to be around, but I still manage to be a big planner and very organized. I’m very comfortable with groom prep and can manage to infiltrate the male hotel room without a problem. 

I’m obsessed with my dogs, the outdoors, and beautiful weather. I love photographing details, ring shots, portraits and the ceremony! I’m decent with OCF, shoot on two camera bodies (canon 5D M4, 6D 2). I also love trying a cool night portrait. 

L.Armour Style

Doylestown, PA & willing to travel up to 1 hour 

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camera brand:

favorite lens:

hourly rate:

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I started in June 2018. I was lucky enough to shadow my wedding photographer and she’s been a mentor to me. 


50mm or 85mm

 $50/hour, flexible

Light and airy 

Detail oriented, go with the flow, adaptable 

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