Hi! I'm Grace, and I'm the gal behind the camera at My Saving Grace Photography. 
I'm primarily a portrait photographer, but I have recently realized that photographing families no longer gives me joy the way that photographing couples does. So I am shifting my niche to work with more wedding clients.

I live in an old victorian house in Northern Illinois with my husband and my one year old son. We keep chickens in the backyard, ride our four wheeler the few miles over to my in laws house almost everyday, and on the weekends we enjoy firing our 1914 Case Steam Traction Engine.

I love old things that have stood the test of time, and my favorite part of photography is that photos can preserve memories that will stand the test of time. I am really looking forward to working with more experienced wedding photographers, and helping them capture those all important memories.

My Saving Grace Photography

Holcomb, IL and willing to travel

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I started my business officially in 2017. I have photographed a handful of low budget weddings for friends and loyal customers, but weddings have not been my primary focus. I'm looking to shift my niche to focus on adult couples and weddings, hence looking to second shoot for more experienced photographers.


50mm 1.8

$25/hour and flexible

Bright, Colorful, Natural

I'm cheerful, calm, and a hard worker.

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