I'm there! I'm Kaitlyn! After saving enough money during my first 'big girl' job after college, I bought my Fuji XT-2 and I've been shooting causally for 2 years. I've never officially been a photographer for a wedding or engagement shoot but I've shot my friends and family for fun. 

I've always been to scared and never felt confident enough to take the jump into professional photography until now. I want to start second shooting with experienced photographers to gain more confidence and learn more about the photography and the industry. 

During the day, I'm working as a Analytical Scientist for a licensed Cultivator/Processor in the Medical Marijuanna Control Program in the Cleveland area. During my free time, I enjoy being outside, spending time with friends, and hanging out with my rabbit, Millie.

Kaitlyn Maree Photography

Cleveland, OH and willing to travel up to 2 hours

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I technically do not have a photography business currently. I've been into photography for a while and only photographs of family and friends for fun (until now). Now I want to get more serious about photography and learn more to see where I can take this passion. 

Fujifilm XT-2

56mm 1.2 Mirrorless. 85mm equivalent

$20-$30/ hour and flexible

Candids, warm, light and airy

Kind, lighthearted, fun

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