I’m a small town photographer doing shoots for family and friends and I decided that I want this to become my business! So here I go camera first lol😅  

I mostly want this to be a blessing to people around me that they could have amazing photos, that I didn’t have growing up. I want them to be able to look back on pictures with fond memories of events in their life. To serve, to be a blessing, And most importantly to tell others about Jesus Christ.. Is why I do this.. 

I have completed all three of Katelyn James photography courses.

Martina Dawn Photography 

Robinson, IL and willing to travel 4-5 hours

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camera brand:

favorite lens:

hourly rate:

my style: 

my personality : 

Business started in 2019


50mm 1.4 

$25/ hour and flexible

Bright, light, true color 

Introverted, people pleaser, flexible 

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