My name is Liz for short, I'm 22, almost 23 years old. I grew up in the very northwest corner of Ohio and went to the farmest school in the county. I grew up raising farm animals for fair and playing ice hockey. I LOVED using my parents first Nikon dslr and always took super silly photos of my brother and edited on ipod apps. I got older and did not think I could actually take pictures for a living. 

I met my current boyfriend while attempting to go to college. We fell in absolute love and started dating less than a month after dating. We moved to Toledo and now have two puppers. I work in an ICU unit for Mercy Health and LOVE working in the health care field. I only work 2 days a week and wanted to fill my time with something else I love. Thus, I picked back up a camera and re-taught myself everything I know now and still learning. I dedicate my free time to taking courses and learning more and more. I currently do family portraits but would LOVE to travel and specialize in Boudoir, engagements, elopement, and weddings someday, i just need someone to help guide me. I am new and don't have wedding photos yet, that's why I need you! 

SB Photography 

Toledo, Ohio & Bowling Green, KY & willing to travel

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camera brand:

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I started my business in May of 2020. I've always had a love for the trade but never took it seriously. I've devoted my time learning


50mm 1.4 or 85mm 

$15/hour, flexible

Still learning my personal style, I like light and natural but to me it depends on the setting.

Loyal, easy/outgoing, teachable 

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