My name is Hali, I’m 26, I live in Northern Michigan and am dating the love of my life who has two daughters who I now call my own. I created Hotel Alpha originally as a platform for my artwork as I’m also a painter and always sign with my initials HA. I wanted to impress a military boy by memorizing the phonetic alphabet - hence Hotel Alpha for H A. 
I’ve always been a creative person, and am so excited to realize and grow into this photography business. I was always the friend/person at parties or holidays taking pictures, but never thought someone would hire me to do such a thing! Now that’s I’ve been in this space, my dream would be to take it full time, so I can stay home with my two step daughters and be more involved in their school routines etc. 

Hotel Alpha Photography 

Traverse City, MI & will travel 100 miles

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I second shot my first wedding on accident as I had never done it before, but helped a friends photographer at their wedding! I had no idea that was an option and I always thought photography was just a hobby! After that I helped a local photographer with three weddings. I can’t wait to learn more!



$20/hr, flexible

Warm, moody, detailed 

Kind, creative, observer 

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