I'm a "riesling queen" that talks quickly and creatively (making up words as I go) and who can beat your booty in anything about The Office (I have a Dundie to show for it).

I’m also a Christ loving, popcorn chomping, loud lipstick wearing Mama Crocodile who fiercely loves her two sons and “hottie la mottie” husband". I think marriage is an important step that is a bigger investment than many realize, and, through who I am and what I do, I strive to be another person helping my couple's marriage's succeed the 40% divorce rate. To do this, I work alongside a certified marriage counselor and test out tips and tricks on my own marriage so I can pass them onto you honestly. I love having the opportunity to make people laugh (at my expense or not - it's cool) and have those working we me feel at peace knowing they have a “friendor” instead of a “vendor” on their side. 

Meghan Marie Studio

Troy, Ohio & willing to travel

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I started my business in 2012.



$35-$45, flexible

Classic, genuine, bright

Outgoing, Organized, Fun

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