I am a fiery red head with a deep passion for photography. I work my tail off and I want to learn as much as I can about what I love. I am a true romance lover. I am marrying my childhood sweetheart (age 7). He was my first and last love. I get to say "I do" in December 2021. I cry at every wedding I shame! I love everything about wedding days and it is a dream of mine to be full time wedding photographer!

Memories in a Snap Photography

Dayon, Ohio or Canton, Ohio willing to drive an hour from either locations.

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camera brand:

favorite lens:

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I started my buisness in 2019. I have been shooting as a hobby since 2017. I have shot as a lead once, and second/third 3 weddings.

Sony A7iii

50mm 1.8, love the depth

Yes, very flexible. I am willing to shoot for free for dinner and experience as a third shooter just to gain experience. Second shooter I would request $10 an hour due to experience level.

Light, airy, elegant 

Personal, hardworking, loyal

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