I'm Diana Podach, I run my photography and design business on the side, on top of my full time job as a graphic designer and photographer for a agricultural company based out of Fremont, Ohio. Eventually I will take my photo and design business full time. Right now with my full time job and the photo business, I also am happily married to my husband, Austin, for almost 6 years and we have 2 children, Owen who is 3 and RayLynn who is 8 months old. I LOVE KIDS! :)

Right now I shoot families, children, couples, seniors and weddings. I LOVE shooting weddings. I love the fast paced, the leadership it requires to get things done and the flow of the entire wedding day. I have learned so much in the last couple years, through shooting weddings, I LOVE IT! I want to continue to learn more! 

Perfect Pixels & Design by Diana

Green Springs, OH - willing to travel anywhere in Ohio

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I started in 2014 - shot my first wedding in 2015 and have been doing 7/8 weddings a year every since



$35-$40/hour, flexible 

Light, bright with a pop of color

Energetic, fun and a leader 

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