Hi! I'm Alli. I grew up in Northeast Kentucky in a little town called Grayson. I spent all of my summers in Texas with my grandparents so I'm southern at heart. I'm passionate about my family, my dog, sweet tea, and Jesus. I currently live in Xenia, Ohio with my husband Max and dog Sir Pugglesworth (Puggles for short). I enjoy relaxing with friends and family, exploring new parks and trails, gaming on my PC, and trying new restaurants. I graduated from Kentucky Christian University in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Humanities and in Biblical Studies. I started taking pictures in college in 2011, I got professional gear in 2015 so I really consider that to be the start of my business, and I've been full time since 2017. 
     I didn't think I would make photography into a career, but God had other plans for me. I've learned a lot in the past two years especially about OCF from my friend and mentor Robb McCormick. I learn something new from every photographer I work with, and I've found that I truly enjoy working with people who are constantly learning and growing as photographers. Passionate photographers are what have made me strive to be a better photographer and business woman. Most of my education has come from the field and working with others, though I enjoy learning online as well. I have extended experience in Family and Senior portraits, Weddings, Esports photography (specifically Call of Duty), Events, Races (specifically for CapCity Sports Media), Professional Head Shots, Real Estate, Products, Pets, Food, and Personal Branding.
     I consider myself a professional in my field, and I absolutely love second shooting weddings. I am comfortable with speedlights, triggers, and continuous lighting for any situation. I work well with just about anyone, and I can read people well so as to avoid awkward situations or help lighten the mood. I'm easy going, and I love to make others laugh and enjoy their day. I'll find ways to divert negativity coming from others, and to help in any way I can if needed. I'm always early, positive, well-dressed, and cognizant of every person and situation. 
      Second shooting weddings quickly became one of my favorite events to work because I love having the chance to work the second angle. Candid shots are my specialty, and I often look in every place to find the magic happening. But even if I do not get this opportunity, I am happy to help my lead photographer achieve this ability. The pictures I capture will become priceless to the couple I'm serving, and that drives me to not only capture the still or action packed moments, but also to create an unforgettable experience filled with positivity, belly laughs, and happy tears.

Alli Mullikin Photography

Xenia, Ohio and willing to travel

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I started in 2015, most of my experience comes from second shooting. I've done over 250 weddings (mostly as a second), and I've worked with around 15 photographers and a few videographers. I do a lot of work for Robb McCormick Photography and Game 7 Sports Photography. I have a lot of experience with OCF systems and I'm very comfortable with shooting parts of weddings by myself according to my lead photographer's style. I have experience with just about everything that can go wrong at a wedding. I am patient, kind, considerate, fast on my feet, flexible, always early, and positive.


70-200 2.8

$40/ hour and flexible

Aesthetically? Warm, sharp, and with darker shadows.....Artistically? Fun, Fearless, and Unfiltered

Relaxed, Weird, Funny

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