I go above and beyond when I am a Second Shooter. I'm your right hand woman. I'm comfortable in any lighting situation. You need someone to corral all those family members for group shots or keep the bridal party in line? You got it. I excel at that while keeping a fun and light atmosphere!

What sets me apart from other photographers is my ability to help my clients relax and have fun. I truly value the relationship I build with each client. I am extremely detail oriented; I notice the little things most people don't. I have a natural, clean style of shooting and editing, which helps the natural beauty shine through.

Jennifer Leigh Photography

Columbus, Ohio, willing to travel anywhere!

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2015. I have photographed 25+ weddings as both lead and second shooter. I'm obsessed with details and excel at group/family photos getting everyone wrangled and paying attention.


24-70mm 2.8

 $40-$50/hour, flexible

Natural, bright, relaxed

Fun, loud, organized

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