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How to Back Up Your Photos

Business Tips

Have you ever had nightmares about losing wedding photos? They always seem to happen the night before a wedding. It can’t be just me…. You know what’s worse than wedding photography nightmares, though? ACTUALLY LOSING WEDDING PHOTOS. Yikes. This is a feeling that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. While I haven’t ever lost wedding photos, […]

We get this question a LOT! And if you’ve landed on this blog post, we’re betting that you plan to invest in some new equipment in the near future. While we don’t consider ourselves experts when it comes to the technical side of how cameras work, we can share our own experiences as professional wedding […]

How Aperture Affects Your Images

Camera Settings

Ever wonder how some images have those beautiful, blurry backgrounds? Or struggle with getting your subjects in focus? All of this is controlled by one component of the manual mode triangle: aperture. This part of manual mode is the main reason why we are able to achieve a consistent style in our images. When we […]

Ever wonder why your white balance never looks quite right? You set your camera to auto, or the predetermined settings based on lighting conditions, and it still looks too yellow or too blue for your style. The beauty of most DSLRs is that you have the ability to control the exact white balance in your […]