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What To Wear To Photograph a Wedding

For Second Shooters

One of the most common questions that we get from beginning wedding photographers is, what do you want me to wear?? We’ve gathered some of our favorite outfits for you to consider wearing to your next wedding. When picking out what to wear, we kept these three MUST-HAVES in mind; they must be 1.) Comfortable, […]

One of the best ways to get rehired as a second shooter is to be a SUPER helpful assistant on the day of. Anyone can deliver beautiful photos, but going above & beyond on the day of will help you have a stronger impact on the primary photographer. How do you do that? Serve the […]

How to Book Second Shooting Gigs

For Second Shooters

We all know that second shooting is one of the best ways to grow your wedding photography business. Yes, it’s easy to put yourself out there by commenting on posts looking for second shooters. But, it’s a whole new ballgame trying to actually book a second shooting gig. Unfortunately, simply commenting on Facebook groups isn’t […]

If you’re starting a new wedding photography business, or if you want to increase your prices and number of bookings in your existing business, you should be second shooting weddings! Second shooting is the number one recommendation we give to newer photographers looking to gain experience. Here are five reasons you should be second shooting […]