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Five Reasons You Should Be Second Shooting Weddings

Business Tips

If you’re starting a new wedding photography business, or if you want to increase your prices and number of bookings in your existing business, you should be second shooting weddings! Second shooting is the number one recommendation we give to newer photographers looking to gain experience. Here are five reasons you should be second shooting […]

So you’re going to be a wedding photographer- YAY! We are so pumped for you, and we want to help you book your first wedding. Here are five steps to getting that very first booking: 1. Expect to start small! Your first wedding (likely your first several!) should be small, and you probably won’t make […]

Why You Should Invest in Education

Business Tips

Most professions require some sort of education or training… electrician, teacher, doctor, hairstylist, etc. Why should wedding photographer be any different?! Starting a business may feel easy at first, but the farther you go down the rabbit hole, the more you realize you just don’t know. The truth is, you don’t technically “need” to have […]

News flash… there’s something living on your website that talks to your prospective clients before you ever have the chance to open your mouth: Your portfolio. Your website visitors may LOVE what it has to say… or it may turn them away… or it may just leave them confused. Yikes! So the question is: What […]