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Bridal Details: Do I need a styling kit?

Bridal Details

You may have seen some of these beautiful detail photos floating around Instagram & wondered, when will I ever book a bride who gives me ring boxes, loose flowers, ribbons & trays to photograph the morning of her wedding?? Spoiler alert: you can, right now!! Want to know why? Because most of the time, those […]

The best way to photograph a photography friendly wedding day is to help the bride with her timeline! If you want to avoid only having 15 minutes for bride and groom portraits and zero time for details, then here’s all the info you need to create a timeline for your bride and groom. First, you’ll […]

How To Edit Consistently

Photography Tips

Want to know our secret for creating bright, colorful & true-to-life images every time? PRESETS! We absolutely LOVE using the Radiant Preset Collection (coming available soon!) and they allow us to deliver consistent edits regardless of the lighting or location. However, if you’re not ready to invest in presets, you can actually create some on […]

One of the most common questions that we get from beginning wedding photographers is, what do you want me to wear?? We’ve gathered some of our favorite outfits for you to consider wearing to your next wedding. When picking out what to wear, we kept these three MUST-HAVES in mind; they must be 1.) Comfortable, […]