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Our Go-To Poses for Bridal Portraits

Every bride deserves some beautiful bridal portraits! We recommend setting aside 5-10 minutes on the wedding day to capture some solo portraits of your bride. This is a great opportunity to capture some of her favorite details, whether it’s the back of her dress, her grandmother’s earrings, or her fluffy bouquet. Here are a few of our favorite go-to poses for bridal portraits!

  1. Square towards the camera. This is a traditional pose that you can easily add variety to by asking her to look in a few different directions: towards the camera, towards the bouquet, off towards her hubby, etc.
  1. Angled tilt towards the camera. This is always a flattering pose for our brides! We recommend having her choose her best side & angle at 45 degrees. Place the bouquet at the hip closest to the camera and ask her to slightly tilt (sometimes we say “stretch”) towards the camera. Again, this one can be done looking at the camera, the flowers, or off in the distance.
  1. Backwards. If your bride particularly loves the back of her dress, this is one that you won’t want to miss! There are a few different ways that this can be flattering for your bride. Start by having her turn directly away from you and drop her flowers in one hand. Switch the grip of the flowers so that the blooms are facing the camera instead of the stem. have her hold onto her veil with the other hand or simply place her hand on her stomach so that there’s a bend in the elbow. She can either look down towards the flowers, off to the side (towards her groom if he’s present), or over her shoulder toward the camera.

    Another variation of this pose is to cradle the bouquet in one arm and have her twist at the torso while she’s looking over her shoulder, either at the bouquet or at the camera.
  1. Using the veil. One of our favorite ways to creatively photograph the bride is by incorporating her veil into portraits. Whether it’s blowing in the breeze, swooped in front or draped over her face like a blusher, these are sure to be a showstopper! We recommend using one of the base poses above and then getting creative.

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