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How to Shoot MASSIVE Group Photos at Weddings

Whether it’s a group of co-workers, sorority sisters or life-long childhood best friends, these are often the group photos that our couples want taken at their reception! If your couple has given you a specific photo request for a large (or MASSIVE) group photo at their reception, here are a few tips on how to do that effortlessly.

  1. Coordinate with the DJ. We’ve found that the best way to execute massive group photos at receptions is to make sure that the DJ is also on board! We like to connect with them at the beginning of the reception to let them know that the bride requested XYZ & ask for their input on when they’d recommend we take the photo. By collaborating together on the timeline, we can make sure that we aren’t interrupting the flow of the evening & the DJ can make an announcement for the group of people to gather in a specific location for the photo.
  2. Get up high! Whether it’s standing on a chair, a ladder or a balcony, you’ll want to get up as high as possible. Often times there are multiple rows of people, so the only way to see everyone is shoot the picture from above.
  3. Use a wide lens with a higher aperture to ensure everyone is in focus. We usually recommend using either a 35mm or a 24-70mm lens. Because there are multiple rows of people, you’ll want to increase your f-stop to at least 5.6 to ensure that everyone’s face is in focus. Don’t forget to increase your ISO, though!

While these photos are fun to have, they can be stressful if you decide to just “wing” it at the reception. A little planning goes a LONG way!

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