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Is off-camera flash essential for weddings?

Most reception halls that we found ourselves in at the beginning of our wedding photography careers were dark & windowless. Maybe it was a hotel banquet hall or a church basement, but either way, we needed flash and off-camera lighting in order to photograph it well.

Wedding photographers need to be able to photograph their couples in every kind of lighting scenario, including dark receptions. One of the best ways to take your images to the next level is being able to confidently deliver reception images that are consistent with the rest of your style.

If you’re new to weddings and don’t know the first thing about flash, there’s no need to worry. We all start somewhere! And here at The Second Shooter Society, we want to cheer you on & give you all the resources and content that you need to confidently photograph a dark reception.

Here are a few places to start:

  1. The Second Shooter Society Blog: In case you didn’t realize it, our blog is PACKED FULL of awesome content, with a heavy focus on flash and reception lighting. We are passionate about this area of weddings because we know that so many photographers struggle with it. We want to give you all the info that you need to have a foundational knowledge of off-camera lighting because once you get that down, the sky is the limit!
  2. Download our Gear Guide: All of your gear questions are answered in this guide! We break down everything that we use on wedding days, including our flash setup.
  3. Purchase our Reception Lighting & OCF Guide: If you’re ready to dig into flash & want to take your reception images to the next level, this guide is for you! It’s a thorough, yet succinct guide that will teach you a simple system to confidently capture reception photos every single wedding.

    One of our students, Nicole, had this to say about the Reception Lighting & OCF Guide:

    “The lighting guide was SO helpful. Honestly the best, most succinct, but thorough guide that I have ever seen on reception lighting. Ever since I started photography I’ve looked for a simple guide like this to just give me the basic steps to flash for receptions. But many guides are too complicated or work on more dramatic lighting situations. I just wanted a guide to better photos that were well lit to serve my couples and their memories better. Seriously, thank you both for creating it!”

Nicole’s before:

Nicole’s after:

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