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Bridal Party Posing Inspiration

We love bridal party portraits because it’s the one time throughout the day where everyone is together. The bride & groom’s closest friends are celebrating with them on their big day, and everyone is so excited! While bridal party posing can be really fun, it can also be extremely stressful depending on the number of people in the bridal party, how rowdy they are, whether or not alcohol is involved, etc. The goal for this part of the day is to do it as efficiently as possible, while still making sure everyone has a good time.

The best way to do that? Having a game plan for getting the most out of every pose, and a workflow that allows you to transition from pose to pose smoothly. Here’s how we do that!

  1. We always start with the girls on one side and the guys on the other. If there’s enough room at your location, we recommend starting with everyone shoulder-to-shoulder. The bridesmaids will hold their bouquets at their belly buttons and the groomsmen usually have their hands clasped at their belt buckle.
  1. Then, we have everyone angle in towards the bride and groom with their back arm around the person in front of them. The bridesmaids will hold the bouquet at their hip bone and groomsmen will have their hand closest to us in their pant pocket. For groomsmen specifically, we ask them to open their shoulders towards us just a tad. Everyone will shuffle in until there is no space left.
  1. Now, we will switch things up a bit and arrange everyone guy-girl. We’ve found the quickest way to do this is to tap every other person on the shoulder and ask them to switch sides by filling in an empty hole. If you have a lot of time (and again, a lot of room), you can start by having everyone square towards the camera, shoulder-to-shoulder. In this pose, we usually have pairs linking together.
  1. Next, like we did earlier, we’ll have everyone turn in towards the bride and groom. Once we have everyone in place, there are a few different variations that we can do here. You can start by having everyone look at the camera, you can have them smile back and forth towards each other, you can have the bride and groom kiss while everyone looks in towards them, or my personal favorite: CELEBRATE!!

    For celebrating pictures, we recommend that girls put their bouquet in the back hand if they want to put their arm up, and in their front hand if their arm is down. Groomsmen can fist pump, high five, jump up and down, etc. My only rule is that I have to HEAR you celebrate. There is no room for lame celebrations… the bride and groom are getting MARRIED!!
  1. Another favorite pose that we tend to do with our bridal parties is a walking pose. Typically, we have everyone pair up with the person next to them. Bridesmaids link onto a groomsman and everyone smiles back and forth as we walk forward a few steps. The key here is to go slow! Right before the bridal party stops walking we ask our bride and groom to kiss and it’s always one of my favorite shots!
  1. The last pose that we usually do is a fun, casual one. We usually have everyone huddle together around the bride and groom. If you want to get some genuine reactions, you can say alright, everyone run towards the bride & groom and attack them with love! The goal of this pose is to have everyone’s faces as close as possible.

For more bridal party posing tips, check out our favorite bridesmaid & groomsmen poses!

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