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How to Photograph Wedding Veils Creatively

We LOVE it when our brides wear a veil on their wedding day. Not only is it the one day of your entire life that you can wear one, but they also add so much variety & dimension to the final wedding gallery. Did you know that you can photograph wedding veils throughout the entire wedding day? If your bride is wearing a veil, here are a few of the ways we use them throughout the wedding day:

  1. Detail Photos: This is a really special way to incorporate your bride’s veil into her photos, especially if her veil is her “something borrowed.” Using the veil as part of the background in detail photos adds detail & texture to the photo, and is also a really great way to bring consistency to the detail photos.
  2. Cover up areas that the bride may be insecure. If you know that your bride isn’t a huge fan of her arms or doesn’t want her back to be exposed in the image, then use the veil to your advantage! Lightly lay the veil over her shoulders or use it to conceal a specific area you know she’s concerned about.
  3. Creative veil portraits: If we’re being honest, this is the real reason why we love photographing veils! They allow us to get so much more creative during our portrait time and add that extra “WOW” factor that every bride loves. A few of our favorites are:

The veil toss:

The veil swoop:

Under the veil:

Next time your bride wears a veil on her wedding day, try out some of these ideas to photograph wedding veils & tag us @secondshootersociety! We can’t wait to see what you create.

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