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Groomsmen Posing Inspiration

While we love photographing the bridesmaids on wedding day, we cannot forget the men! We’re sharing our favorite groomsmen posing inspiration with you today filled with our exact workflow on wedding days.

  1. We almost always start with “shoulder-to-shoulder”, similar to the bridesmaids. This is a really simple pose that is nice to ease the guys into taking photos. Make sure that everyone’s toes are pointed directly toward the camera. You have the option to put hands in pockets, hold onto the lapels or fold their hands in front. We usually recommend folding their hands in front & make sure that they curl their bottom fingers under and hold their hands at the belt buckle (and not any lower!)
  1. Next, we’ll ask everyone to turn in towards the groom. Depending on if there are an odd or even number of groomsmen, the groom can stay square towards the camera or can angle towards his best man. Their toes are angled at 45 degrees towards the groom and we ask that they open their shoulders back towards the camera. Make sure they scootch in nice & close together so that there’s no space showing in between! We recommend having them put their hands in the pocket for this pose.
  1. We love a good “flying V” pose with our groomsmen because it puts the groom at the very front and center! Plus the groomsmen always love it! In this pose, everyone’s toes are pointed straight towards the camera so that their shoulders are square. Each side will be one step behind the person on front of them (their inside foot is directly behind the person’s outside foot in front of them).

    You can either do hands folded in front or in pockets for this pose. Feel free to do something different with the groom, too! Sometimes we have him hold onto his lapel while everyone else has their hands folded. We always start by having everyone smile towards us. Then we have fun with a serious shot before asking everyone to look away from the groom (while keeping their shoulders straight). This is another fun pose to get lots of variety just by changing up their facial expressions and where they are looking.
  1. We love to incorporate movement whenever we can into our posing, so we usually do a walking photo next. We let the guys decide whether they want to button their jackets, fiddle with their watch, put their hands in their pockets, etc. As long as they are doing some sort of “action” while walking towards us, it will look great! We tell them this is their chance to goof off and have a little bit of fun, so usually we get some pretty genuine smiles out of this.
  1. The last main pose that we do with our guys is what we call a bro hug. Not sure if that’s really what you call it, but just roll with it! This is a really casual pose where we ask everyone to unbutton their jackets and put their arms around each other. If the groomsmen are wearing matching suspenders under their jackets, this is a fun way to showcase them! Depending on their flexibility, not everyone will be able to put their arms behind their neighbors and that is okay. Since it’s casual, not everyone has to look exactly the same.

Before your next wedding, be sure to archive this groomsmen posing inspiration blog so that you know exactly what to do & don’t draw a blank. Plus, if you haven’t already, check out our bridesmaid posing inspiration ideas here.

To ensure that you never run out of time on wedding days for groomsmen portraits, we always recommend that you help your bride with planning out her timeline. Here’s a timeline freebie that you can share if you need to!

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