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Bridesmaid Poses and Inspiration

It’s no secret we like to have fun with our bridal parties… After all, they’re all dressed up, hanging out with their friends and celebrating the bride & groom! We recommend having a game plan for your bridesmaid poses and groomsmen poses so that you can focus on creating a fun experience for the bridal party.

By having a strategy in place, we’ve been able to do bridal party photos in as little as 4 minutes before (that was fun but we never want to do it again haha), so we want to give you a peek into the posing workflow that we use at almost every wedding! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you a glimpse into our posing workflow for each part of the wedding day.

Bridesmaids portraits are some of our favorite photos to capture on a wedding day. When a bride is surrounded by her very best friends, there’s just something so special about that. While we like to be efficient, we’re also intentional about keeping it fun & exciting too. Here are a few of our favorite bridesmaid poses for you to use as inspiration:

  1. We almost always start bridesmaid portraits with “shoulder-to-shoulder.” With this pose, everyone stands in a straight line with their toes pointed directly toward the camera and they hold their bouquets at their belly buttons.
  1. Then, we ask everyone to angle in towards the bride. They will put their back arm behind the person in front of them and hold their bouquet at their hip bone. This is a fun pose to have the girls laugh and smile towards each other.

    One of our favorite ways to draw out those genuine smiles rather than having everyone fake laugh is to give the bridesmaids a chance to encourage the bride with some sweet words of affirmation. Whether it’s qualities they admire about her or a funny story, it gives the bride a memory to look back on, rather than having everyone fake laughing at each other.
  1. If you want to add a little bit of variety here, you can angle each bridesmaid a little differently for a fun look. If we have a little bit of extra time, we will do this pose as it isn’t always the quickest since everyone is doing something a little bit differently.
  1. We love the “flying V” with our bridesmaids because it really puts the bride front & center in the photo. The bride will be the tip of the “V” and then everyone else will be one step back from the person in front of them. We recommend having everyone’s toes pointed directory towards the camera so their shoulders are square, and having them hold their bouquets at their belly buttons. We start by having everyone look at the camera, but you can switch it up by having everyone look towards the bride, or having each side look away from the bride, whatever fits your style best.
  1. One way that we love to incorporate movement into our bridesmaid portraits is to have everyone walk towards us. We usually have bridesmaids link up with a partner or hold hands with a partner. If the bride has a train, we’ll have someone hold that as well so she doesn’t trip! Always make sure that your bride is out front and encourage everyone to smile towards their partner and towards the bride. They don’t have to look at the camera unless they want to!
  1. If your bride LOVES the back of her dress, try out this pose! Have everyone turn away from the camera, and put their arms around each other’s waists. You may have to adjust the bouquets until it looks just right. Start by having everyone look straight forward, then back and forth towards each other, and then leaning their heads on the person next to them. You could also have everyone look towards the bride and have the bride look back over her shoulder towards you as well.

As you can see, there are SO MANY options for bridesmaid poses that you can do (and this doesn’t even cover them all!). To make sure you have enough time in the timeline for all of these different poses, check out our freebie: How To Build A Wedding Day Timeline. For more wedding day tips, check out that section of our blog, here. Leave a comment below with your favorite pose & don’t forget to tag us on IG!

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