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What To Wear To Photograph a Wedding

One of the most common questions that we get from beginning wedding photographers is, what do you want me to wear?? We’ve gathered some of our favorite outfits for you to consider wearing to your next wedding.

When picking out what to wear, we kept these three MUST-HAVES in mind; they must be 1.) Comfortable, 2.) Modest and 3.) Professional (but also cute & on brand).

5 Easy Outfit Ideas To Wear To A Wedding

1. Jumpsuit + Rothy’s
Perfect for: Any weather
Avoid when: We really can’t think of a downside!

2. Loose Sundress + Comfortable Sandals
Perfect for: Barn weddings or other casual settings- Summer weddings when the weather is hot
Avoid when: The weather is extremely windy- opt for a more fitted dress or jumpsuit instead- The venue is upscale/black tie

3. Classic Black Dress + Comfortable Flats
Perfect for: Downtown weddings (or more formal venues)
Avoid when: A classic black dress is always a winner! Just make sure your flats are waterproof if the venue could potentially have a lot of wet grass.

4. Black Pants, Flowy Top, Black Cardigan + Comfortable Ankle Boots
Perfect for: Colder wedding days
Avoid when: It’s super hot outside! We usually wear lightweight dresses on hot wedding days to help keep cool.

5. Maxi Dress + Comfortable Sandals
Perfect for: Cooler fall days- Venues with tall grass- it’s much more comfortable to walk through when it’s not scratching at your legs!
Avoid when: It’s wet outside- if your dress touches the ground, the hem will get wet!

1. Heavy earrings (you’ll regret it 5 hours in)
2. Jewelry that jingles (makes it hard to be stealthy at ceremonies)
3. Uncomfortable (or even semi-comfortable) shoes
4. Lightweight dresses that may fly up on a windy day
5. Low-cut or extra short dresses that may show a little too much when you’re bending over (or performing any of the other ninja moves that wedding photographers do)
6. Leggings as pants (don’t forget that a lot of people will be looking at you from the BACK!)
7. Extremely bright colors/patterns (avoid anything distracting!)
8. White (some people consider it rude to wear white to a wedding- white is reserved only for the bride!)
9. Jeans and/or flip-flops (again, think professional!)

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