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3 MUST HAVE Computer Programs for Wedding Photographers

Small business owners know that their time is VALUABLE. We believe that if there’s a system that will allow us to drastically cut our time spent on certain tasks within our business, it is well worth the investment.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite computer softwares that help us save time & increase our efficiency so we can ultimately focus on serving our clients better.

ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE: Specifically, Lightroom and Photoshop! We HIGHLY recommend that you edit the bulk of your sessions and weddings in Lightroom. It’s specifically designed to seamlessly edit large amounts of photos at a time, and with all of the new updates to the software, you’re really able to do almost everything you need right in Lightroom. For more extensive edits, like head swaps, for example, we recommend pulling that into Photoshop. If you right-click on the photo in Lightroom and select “Edit in > Photoshop” that will keep everything nice and organized in the catalog.

PHOTOMECHANIC: This software is perfect for culling your photos. While yes, you can do this in Lightroom, Photomechanic allows you to cut down your culling time dramatically since the photos load SO MUCH quicker. You don’t need to wait for the photos to buffer or load like you often do in Lightroom.

Plus, the ratings that you use to tag the photos in Photomechanic will transfer over to Lightroom. This software is a one time purchase that we highly recommend!

BLOG STOMP: If you are blogging your sessions & weddings, you NEED Blogstomp. Rather than resizing and placing photos next to each other in Photoshop, Blogstomp automatically does this for you! All you need to do drag the photos into the software, pair the two photos together and hit “stomp.” It’s that simple!

For more of our favorite resources, check out the “Some of our favorite things” section of our about page!

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