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What To do When You Get Home From A Wedding

In case you didn’t already realize this, the client experience doesn’t end once you leave the wedding! There are SO many ways that you can provide your clients with an amazing experience starting from the moment you get home from a wedding.

  1. Back-up your photos: This not only gives you peace of mind but also protects your clients from any potential mishaps with photos accidentally getting deleted. We shared our backup system on the blog here in case you want to check that out!
  2. Send your clients (and the vendor team) a sneak peek: Everyone is SO excited to see the photos from the wedding day, and this is a great opportunity to capitalize on that! Share a sneak peek on social media & tag the vendors. When your bride has a small gallery of photos the night of (or day after) there’s a better chance that her new profile picture will be yours, instead of a cell phone picture.
  3. Feature the wedding on your blog: Brides LOVE seeing their wedding day featured on the blog! This is an amazing way to get more traffic to your website because not only will you share the links on social, but so will your bride (and her bridesmaids & parents, etc.!). If possible, we recommend sharing the blog within the week of the wedding because the excitement from the big day has not worn off yet. But we know that life can get busy, so as long as you keep your workflow consistent between clients, you should be set!

For more business building tips like these, check out our free resource, 10 Tips for Building Your Business!

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