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How to be a SUPER Helpful Wedding Day Assistant

One of the best ways to get rehired as a second shooter is to be a SUPER helpful assistant on the day of. Anyone can deliver beautiful photos, but going above & beyond on the day of will help you have a stronger impact on the primary photographer.

How do you do that? Serve the primary photographer. And the couple. And their families. Really, anyone!

Here are a few of our favorite ways that you can be an incredibly valuable assistant on the wedding day (in addition to your typical second shooting responsibilities!):

  1. Fluff the dress & veil: Anytime the primary photographer puts the bride into a new pose, you’ll want to make sure that her dress is laying beautifully. You don’t need to ask they primary for permission to do this – they will be grateful that they don’t need to run back and forth fixing all of those little things (jewelry, dress, veil, etc.).

    If the primary photographer wants to do any creative veil photos, this is where you’ll come in, too. You may be a veil tosser, veil fluffer or just a veil holder. During this time, your primary responsibility is to put the veil exactly where the primary wants it. THEN, if you have a good angle, you can snap a few photos!
  2. Confidently direct family formals: When you’re responsible for corralling an entire family during family formals, you need to be loud & confident! Otherwise, no one will hear you, everyone will get confused, and the whole process will take longer than you expect it to.

    We recommend that you print out the family formal list ahead of time, and bring a pen to cross of combinations as you go! Sometimes primary photographers go out of order, so this is the simplest way to make sure you capture everything on the list.
  3. Offer to get the couple & the primary photographer water: This one is really important, especially on those hot, summer wedding days! Even if the primary photographer has their own water bottle, remind them to drink often throughout the day.

    After the ceremony before family formals, you could offer to get the bride & groom something to drink, or even after portrait time. They will be so grateful!

There are SO many ways that you can go above and beyond as a second shooter on wedding days. You can almost think of yourself as an extension of the bridal party… you will serve the bride like a bridesmaid but you just don’t have to be in the photos! Check out this FREE resource below for even more ideas!

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