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How to Book Second Shooting Gigs

We all know that second shooting is one of the best ways to grow your wedding photography business. Yes, it’s easy to put yourself out there by commenting on posts looking for second shooters. But, it’s a whole new ballgame trying to actually book a second shooting gig. Unfortunately, simply commenting on Facebook groups isn’t going to cut it.

So often we hear from newer photographers that they reach out to lead photographers asking to second shoot, and they get ghosted. They either are not hired or they just never hear back.

As photographers who often receive those types of emails, today we’re sharing a few ways that you can really stand out among the other photographers and start actually booking second shooting gigs!

  1. Curate your website portfolio. The first thing that photographers will look at when you email them requesting to shoot with them is your website. You can almost think about it like your resume, so you want it to feature the very best of the best images. We recommend about 15-20 images max; if you want to feature more, the best place to do that is on your blog.
  2. Specific about who you reach out to. Over the years, we’ve found that the most successful emails second shooting relationships are built when photographers are at a similar stage in business. We recommend that you reach out to photographers who are about 1-2 years ahead you so that you can build a friendship. This will take you much farther than trying to second shoot for a very established photographer.
  3. Be personal. When you’re crafting your email, be sure to include elements that are specific to the photographer that you’re reaching out to. You can mention what you like most about their work, comment on a recent blog post or rave about their new headshots. To go the extra mile, start commenting on their instagram posts and stories to begin building that connection.

If these tips were helpful for you, you’re going to want to sign up for The Second Shooter Society’s Challenge: How to Book a Second Shooting Gig in Five Days. The challenge starts on July 27th, so make sure you check it out!

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