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How to Craft a Curated Portfolio

News flash… there’s something living on your website that talks to your prospective clients before you ever have the chance to open your mouth:

Your portfolio.

Your website visitors may LOVE what it has to say… or it may turn them away… or it may just leave them confused. Yikes!

So the question is:

What does your portfolio say about you?

If you’re not sure, keep reading! You’ll learn how to craft an intentional, curated portfolio that tells your clients EXACTLY what you want them to know about you and your business.

1. Choose only WOW images

We don’t want anything mediocre here! Your portfolio should be home for only your very best images. Look through your portfolio regularly and remove any images that don’t feel quite like your latest and greatest anymore. Less is more; don’t feel like you have to have 40-50 images in your portfolio. Seven to ten WOW images will make a much stronger statement.

2. Use a variety of TIGHT and WIDE shots

Not only does following this rule show potential clients that they will receive a lot of variety when hiring you as their photographer; it’s also aesthetically pleasing to the person scrolling through your images! Alternate wide & closeup shots, detail photos & portraits, horizontal and vertical. Every image should feel fresh and new when it pops up on the screen, rather than blending in with the one before!

3. Show what you WANT to shoot

Every bride will be attracted to something different, so it’s important that you as the photographer show work in your portfolio that you would want to shoot all over again! If you love classic “smiling at the camera” portraits, feature those in your portfolio. If you prefer more candid posing, show images that feel effortless and natural! Maybe you love ballroom weddings; if so, display your best images of gorgeous reception decor. If you love rustic outdoor ceremonies, feature those instead. Maybe you could care less about taking photos of intricate flat lays… if that’s the case, don’t show images of invitation suites in your portfolio.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have enough WOW images that show the style and priorities you love, consider organizing or attending a styled shoot that appeals to the aesthetic you’re looking for!

4. Check for CONSISTENCY

One mark of a curated portfolio is that all the images look like they were taken by the same photographer! The lighting you choose and your editing style should be consistent across the board. To find any images that may stick out and don’t fit with the rest, create a collage of thumbnails and see if anything jumps out. (An easy way to do this is to drag all your images into Blogstomp and create a collage, or upload them into Google Drive and look at the Grid view.) If an image sticks out like a sore thumb, remove it!

Looking for other ways to grow your business even if you don’t have any weddings or sessions coming up? Check out our free guide: How To Grow Your Business in the Off-Season!

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