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3 Website Mistakes you can Fix TODAY!

As a wedding photographer, your website is the most important piece of your online presence! It acts as your virtual storefront, showing your product, pricing, contact information and more. Here are three common website mistakes that you can fix TODAY to increase your leads and bookings from your website!

1. Not displaying your location on your home page.

Your location (where you live & work) should be listed somewhere on every page of your website, especially the home page! Not only will this help your SEO, but not having your location visible anywhere can leave your website visitors wondering if they are looking at the right person. Make it clearly visible, with a heading that says something similar these:

“Wedding Photographer serving couples in Nashville, Tennessee”

“Midwest Photographer based in Columbus, Ohio”

“Destination Wedding Photographer based in Dallas, Texas”

2. Not providing your email address.

Yes, we love the pretty contact forms- but your email address should also be clearly listed on your website! Some clients will prefer to email you directly, or it may be that your contact form isn’t working on their end for whatever reason. Give people as many ways as possible to reach you- there’s no point in missing out on potential business due to a silly technical error!

3. Broken Links/Typos

Your website may look pretty, but have you checked it recently for typos and broken links? There’s nothing more frustrating for your website visitors, and they’ll move onto someone else’s website quickly! Take ten minutes and click through all the links on your website. Test every button, click all the links in the navigation bar (don’t forget the footer!), and fill out your contact form to make sure your inquiries are going through. Do the same thing on mobile! Read through all your text to check for typos. Even better, have a friend comb through your website for you. A second pair of eyes on your site to check for typos/broken links will do wonders!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to grow your business during the off season (or when you aren’t shooting as much). Check it out below!

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